The Bible's Four Letter Word, @!#$

I know where your mind is going... LOVE, right? I thought I would catch you off guard. Love is my least used  of the "Four Letter Words" (sorry, Mom), but it has the most impact on someone than any other Four Letter Word.

Cue the music. "What is Love?"

I can't answer that without citing another text. I was leading a devotion among college students, and decided to turn that discussion into a blog post.

I did miss Valentine's Day, but there is a perpetual desire to discover love. It's never out of season. Love connotes attachment. You don't pass love around to just anyone or anything. I learned the concept of "using love" when I was an adolescent. Love is like duct tape. When you apply duct tape to a surface, its adhesive bond is designed to sustain. It's not the person's intent for the duct tape to peel off. Let's talk marriage for a sec. You place a ring on your companion's finger. The more you take it off, the easier it begins to take off. Same principle with duct tape. It begins to lose value after you "pass it around".

One of my favorite stories in The Holy Bible is the Parable of The Prodigal Son. If you've never read it, get the full story in Luke 15:11-32. In the story, there is a father with two sons. We find out that one of the sons continually asks his father for his earnings. He ends up taking half of his father's assets --  leaves his father virtually poor. What did his father do? RAN into his son's arms.

Say word? Imagine if you were the father in the story. Your son disrespected you, took your lives' savings and squandered it all. It would hurt.

If you aren't a visionary, I've included the best picture I have found that encompasses love.

"What is Love?" Jesus. That's love. We are called to love all humanity with Jesus' love.

Riley Blogging Off