Disconnection of Man

Veteran's Day really opened my eyes to a new realization: I am disconnected from the American Founders. I saw many professors be acknowledged for their service in the military. Many of my predecessors had to fight to survive and did not have the luxury of sustainable living. I began to evaluate my merit, manhood and masculinity.

The Baby Boomers' dissolve couldn't be more detrimental to our society. Their job of educating the men of my generation isn't complete. We just don't get it. (Millennials)

The disconnection of man was illustrated best by a presidential meme. The content listed the past presidents in their "uniforms". I was astonished at how many presidents actually fought in the military, and when it came to Bill Clinton, he was in a band uniform. I'm not trying to dehumanize any former president who wasn't in the military, but it added light to my perspective.

The 2012 election was a perfect example of having two disconnected individuals whose victory was determined by the flip of a coin. Regardless of the Electoral College numbers, half of the country wanted a new face in the Oval Office, and the other half desired the incumbent.

On the right-wing, they pose an issue with Obama: he isn't a true American living the American Dream. On the left-wing, you have a billionaire with distinguished hair who may have had a small business, but cannot connect to the public.

I don't think serving in the military nor owning a small business are the only indicators of being man, but there is a commonality between men: disconnection. I'm not sure if a true connection between men and society is attainable, but every man should want a new experience. That experience leads to relationships. Those relationships develop into connection. Most "men" are selfish and won't adapt to a new concept because they become complacent in their activities.

A woman expects a man to be chivalrous, strong, faithful and motivated to name a few... Can a man be itemized? I think we are bigger than the amount of credit we receive. Our expectations tend to mold us into ourselves. If the expectations of men are low then a man has no room to grow.

I hope men do not allow this continuation to occur, but sometimes you have to get dirty to understand how people are wired.

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