Full Name Syndrome

MacGruber is a character on Saturday Night Live (SNL). He's known as the handy-man that can fix anything. "This looks like a job for MacGruber" is a direct quote from an episode. How many of your friends state their name as a solution? I'm often caught between Will's World and reality. I love when people call on me for assistance because I can fix anything. Oh wait... I am just a man. You may find me saying, "Of course I can do that, I'm Will Riley." I justify that thought when my friends say I can do anything because it makes me feel less conceited. I have a case of Full Name Syndrome.

Indicators of Full Name Syndrome:

  • Someone states their Full Name, and it is the entire sentence. i.e. "I'm Will Riley."
  • You ask a friend for advice; they respond with, "You'll be fine! I mean... you're Will Riley (insert your name)."
  • You never have doubt because you claim you can do anything.
  • You take Phillipians 4:13 to a new level, "I can do all things through myself because my name is my strength."

Full Name Syndrome is very dangerous, and if you have this sickness, then I would advice you to visit your friends for therapy. You might not even realize you are sick. If you are oblivious to your illness, then ask them.  I'm sure they've noticed. This quote was said to me at a PR conference: "You are the average of your 5 closest friends," so chances are, your friends think the same as you. Don't be alarmed if you are asked for help because you might need to council and explain this syndrome to someone. All of this sounds foreign to you, right? It's a schema that people don't realize until it's revealed. Who likes being told they are full of themselves? (rhetorical question)

Honesty fueled the publishing of this blog. My advice: stop thinking you can change the world because you will eventually fall. There have been several Hollywood icons as well as your own colleagues and friends that continue to fall flat on their faces -- all caused from Full Name Syndrome.

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