Freshman Fun

At 18 years old, stupid decisions are often blamed on adolescence. At 21 years old, stupid decisions are placed on stupidity. I do not feel that I have peaked in my intelligence, but my constructs have been shaped quickly to not consider juvenile acts because of my roles in college as well as in the community. The realization struck me a few weeks ago when someone had asked, "Where is the old Will?" This phrase is far from foreign. This is a reoccurrence since I moved off to college or even when I became a believer in Christ -- a new chapter is added, but I really enjoy this current "Florence State of Mind". I will venture to say that I am one of the busiest persons at the University of North Alabama, and it is due to my freshman year decisions. Those decisions affected the trajectory of my collegiate career. I traded Freshman Fun for a serious approach to life. Jumping in the fountain or striding across the top of the student center used to be fun, but now it is viewed as illegal. What happened?

I am experiencing "Growing Pains” because I’m still adapting to having gained more responsibility. I discovered that it’s a privilege to have responsibility. Despite my duties, I need to nap... even Jesus napped. Setting time aside where I can freely think and have fun is crucial for my life.

Here I am in my final year in college; I have been reconnecting with my old freshman-self, and my brain is finally getting a rest.

Riley Blogging Off