Manly Mondays

I have been disconnected from my blog for some time. These last few months have been a drought for me. From a bird's eye view, my life has been a joy. Internally, I felt lost... not to be confused with having a lost soul. My heart is deeply saturated with Jesus, but I was seeking pleasure in Earthly matters rather than Heavenly matters. I learned that these Earthly pleasures cannot quench my thirst.

Let's recap two memorable moments: bike wreck and epiphanic dinner. My father, Rilo, always said riding your bike at night was never a good idea, and the old man was right. I screamed language that you wouldn't normally hear in a church sermon. Of course, I repented, but if you get hit by a car, I doubt you would scream, "Cucumber!" But hey... who knows. Luckily, I was safe, but I felt God push the bike and car just enough to prevent a deadly collision.

On a lighter note, my better half and I took part in a Passover Meal at Redeemer Church of the Shoals. To my knowledge, this event did not exist. Churches have their own doctrines and principles that prohibit teachings of the Bible. Prior to this, when I heard Passover Meal, I would reference the usage of bread and wine. That description does not serve the meal justice. Without elaborating, it was lifechanging and would love to talk to you about it.

Now, let's discuss the title of the entry: "Manly Mondays". I washed my dog yesterday. He rode in my new car and jammed to John Mayer's "Born and Raised". It felt amazing. I plan to do activities every Monday that keep me connected with myself. Also, I am developing a construction project -- don't what it is, but I'm feeling crafty.

What to expect... Photos. Word Clouds. New Ideas. Honesty.

Riley Blogging Off