Running in Place

How often do people have high ambition and inevitably fall on their face? Are they setting unreachable goals? Maybe Stress... Tragedies... There's 1 million and one factors that can alter the end result.

Here's an insightful comment: It's more of "how" we pursue than the content in which we pursue.

Most everyone sets goals -- attainable ones at that. I have gotten in the habit of writing mine down. This is my own version of having an outward profession of my goals. If it's important enough to write down, then I can reflect on the day that I put my ideas on paper. This is crucial for me. My idea automatically came to life. It may have the shape of an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper, but the ideas are now concrete.

We need to jump off the treadmill and start running toward our goal. If you are only a New Year's Resolution runner, don't be alarmed. This is simply a metaphor for initiative.

If we remain on the treadmill, we can see what we are running toward but never come close. Thought I would make use of time working out -- usually when my more insightful thoughts emerge.

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