Colder Weather

I finally have decided to have organized thoughts -- what better way to express myself than to create a blog, right?

Today is a very special day in my heart. My grandfather, "Papa," passed a year ago... It was hard at first to let go, but I have overcome rather than succumb to sorrow. In three days, I will be 21. We buried him on my birthday -- ouch. Upon his death, my aunt told me  that I was to fill the spiritual void in my family. Hearing that from a family member is touching to say the least... not to mention terrifying.

I often think to myself what will happen in another year from now, but Matt Chandler said it best: "Tomorrow's dream makes for a crummy God." That statement has been embedded in my mind since I heard him speak those words of truth. Enjoy his grace daily!

In closing, I am not going to have a particular theme to my blog other than a theme of randomness. What a reader should expect to see: my spiritual growth/struggles, work-out plans/tips, various adventures, technological advances in the world and politics.

Riley Blogging Off